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Are you wrestling with how to pick the best Shopify apps, increase conversion rates, AOV, LTV, and ROAS, reduce CAC, maximize revenue, streamline operations, improve profitability…?

You’re not alone. Every ecommerce brand wrestles with these challenges—and, I can help.

Galen King, Founder & Principal

Expert Connector of Dots

I’m a designer, developer, and strategic advisor—and one of the original 12 Shopify Experts and Partners. I’ve helped 100’s of brands grow on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

After 2+ decades building an agency, I now run Lucid as a soloist—working directly with founders and leaders of consumer brands on Shopify.

I help reduce operational and technical complexity to improve performance, revenue, and growth.

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“Truly am grateful beyond words for getting to work together. I appreciate how your thinking fuels my brain to think differently. You give a fresh perspective…. It is not easy trying to get a small business off the ground, but when I have meaningful connections like this, it truly fuels my greater purpose….”

Jonni Perkins, Founder of Perkie Prints

Refocus on the principles of success

Reduce technical and operational complexity on Shopify with a lean, nimble, “low-code” approach

  • Make better decisions by focusing on first principles

    I’ll help you define and understand your goals—so you can focus on broader business objectives without getting distracted by the minutiae.

  • Optimize more quickly with minimum-viable-next-steps

    I’ll help guide you to be more pragmatic and keep things simple—while building a scaleable framework for ongoing data-driven optimization and growth.

  • Build faster and launch sooner with a “low-code” approach

    I’ll help you maximize the flexibility and power of a premium Shopify theme and best-in-class apps—and minimize complexity and technical debt.

  • Strategic Design & Dev

    Shopify (and Shopify Plus) design, development, CRO, and growth strategy with a focus on staying lean and nimble with a low-code, objectives-driven approach.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Content and marketing strategy to help refocus on brand positioning, content, and storytelling across the full funnel, which will help increase ROAS, reduce CAC and bounce rates, and improve CVR.

  • Systems Integration

    App and integration systems design and implementation—with all the usual suspects like Klaviyo, Okendo, Recharge, AirPower (and Airtable), Bundles, Flow, and basically any app or system you’re looking to integrate with Shopify….


Some common questions

Why wouldn’t we just hire a fulltime ecommerce director?

You could! And you will likely do so eventually. But, an experienced, capable director of ecommerce will likely expect a starting salary of $120k+ (plus benefits) and you might not always have enough work at your scale to keep them busy.

How many hours do I get each month?

I don’t bill by the hour. You can send as many emails and ask as many questions and book as many calls as you need.

Do you outsource or sub-contract the work?

No. All work is undertaken by Galen King, founder and principal of Lucid Commerce. With the exception of deep, custom development, which, in the spirit of staying lean and nimble, we strive to avoid but, if custom functionality is required, I will make intros to specialists who can help.

Shopify Plus Experts since the very beginning

Galen has helped 100’s of brands grow on Shopify since 2006

  • Soludos

  • Tattly

  • RipSkirt Hawaii

  • FWFG by Yoga with Adriene

  • Frances Valentine

  • Patagonia Worn Wear

  • CUUP

  • Venus Et Fleur

  • Blunt Umbrellas

  • United by Blue

  • Dropps

  • Oliver Jeffers

  • Jens Hansen

  • Luxy Hair

  • We-Ar Yoga

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