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Hydrogen v2023.10 Released with Remix 2.0 & Customer Account API Client

Changelog update from Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Posted by Galen King in Custom Storefronts

Hydrogen v2023.10 has been released, featuring new updates and several breaking changes. Hydrogen now uses Remix 2.0 and has made Remix a peer dependency, allowing for independent updates. The default caching strategy has been updated for a longer stale-while-revalidate period, and there’s a dependency bump to @graphql-codegen/typescript v4 requiring updates to Scalar types. All packages now query the v2023-10 API versions. This release also includes an API client for the Customer Account API, stabilized custom cart methods, and an improved GraphiQL client with the GraphiQL Explorer plugin. Deprecated props and parameters from v2023-07 have been removed along with additional patches and fixes.

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